Our company

We have spent years researching and developing state of the art equipment for the meat processing industry. We have incorporated technology to produce smokehouses, ovens and cooking chambers that will produce high quality products; more efficiently, cooked in record time with very profitable yields. We build units for both large as well as small to medium-sized plants.

Our promise: latest technologies, impeccable service

E-Technik Sales, LLC is owned by Max Stabel. I have been associated with the meats industry for over fifty years. While a student at Texas Tech University, I worked in the Meat Science Laboratory; and managed the Meat Science Laboratory while earning a Master’s degree in Meat Science. Upon graduation, Tarleton State University hired me to start their Meat Science Program; and I taught meat and animal science courses there for five years. In 1978, we purchased a processing plant in Menard, Texas, and have operated the plant since that time. Ranch House Meat Company manufactures a full line of cured and smoked items as well as some barbecue items. Down through the years, I have used a number of different smokehouses, from hand-loaded units, home-built houses, and different commercial ovens. I have found that improvements could be made on most off-brands. Each of the functions to a certain degree, but all of them have some deficiencies. In 2018, a Romanian spice company invited us to tour their plant. While there, we also toured a smokehouse manufacturing company owned by the same family. I was immediately impressed with the quality of materials and the incredible design of the smokehouses. In fact, I was so impressed with the Emerson Technik smokehouses that I agreed to represent the company in the United States. These cooking and smoking chambers not only overcome the deficiencies we had experienced in other smokehouses, but they exceeded our expectations in many ways. Therefore, we are pleased to make these incredible machines available here in this country.

Putting innovation at the core of what we do

We welcome and utilize input from our customers to give us direction for the future. Moreover, we design each product specifically for our customer’s production needs and available space in each facility. Our Company works with the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service and utilizes the most current technology to provide innovative solutions to comply with current food safety regulations for both small to medium processors as well as large scale industrial processing facilities. Our engineers have a clear and detailed “hands on” understanding of your production challenges. Therefore, we use these insights to develop cookers and smokehouses that are innovative and cost-effective for our customers. Working for so many years in the industry has enabled us to acquire a detailed understanding of your needs. We have gathered insights from our customers that have helped us develop our product and come up with innovative solutions for your business.